Witness the legend of cyrus irani

The Management are delighted to announce that they will be creating and producing Night at the Bombay Roxy, a new immersive show to celebrate the opening of Dishoom Kensington. 

It's 1949 and the Bombay streets are flooded with jazz, crime, lust and betrayal. For Cyrus Irani, the Bombay Roxy offers one final chance at redemption, but Cyrus is on a collision course with revenge as his last chance saloon plays host to murderers, crooks and the corrupt. Can he save the club, the woman he loves and himself.

Join Cyrus and his cronies for an evening of action, live jazz, drinks and a sumptuous feast at Dishoom's newest opening in Kensington's iconic Barkers Building.

Night at the Bombay Roxy runs from November 27th until December 11th.

Tickets available here soon.